Friday, August 29, 2008

29 August Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
When you choose, you can be an amusing and entertaining talker. You are fond of music and art, enjoy intellectual rec-reation and like the society of cultured people. You are some-what serious and the lighter things do not interest you. You have few friendships.
You do, however, have the company of Elgin George, in the book. Perhaps the two of you can get together and have a big party, inviting a few of these other notables of the day : John Sidney McCain, Charles Townshend, Jan Śniadecki, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Werner Forssmann, John Locke, James Quesada, Edward Carpenter, Maurice Maeterlinck, Luther Davis, Karen Hesse, Jean Ingres, Wolfgang Suschitzky, James Glennon, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Fraser, Anton Newcombe, Michelle Lynn Johnson aka Meshell Ndegeocello, David Desrosiers, Preston Sturges, Richard Attenborough, William Friedkin, Joel Schumacher, Barry Sullivan, George Montgomery, Charles Gray, Elliott Gould, Ingrid Bergman, Isabel Sanford, Rebecca De Mornay, Dina Spybey, Carla Gugino, Doug DeCinces, Jerry D. Bailey, Carl Banks, Will Perdue, Pablo Mastroeni, John Patrick O'Brien, Aaron Rowand, Devean George, Henry Bergh, Charles F. Kettering, Robert Rubin, Robin Leach, Chris Hadfield, Charlie Pickering,

Dinah Washington

and Charles "Yardbird" Parker, Jr.

Maybe the house is hot because of all those candles on your cake?
happy birthday!

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