Sunday, August 24, 2008

24 August Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are honest and just, generous, affectionate, far-sighted, and have good judgment. You love music and have con-siderable talent for it. You are an amusing and interesting talker ; humorous and good company. You love your home and are solicitous for the happiness of your family and loved ones.
The page, for this day, is blank, so if you're looking for somebody toward whom you might deliver interesting talk, you're on your own (don't let anyone catch you talking to yourself, though, unless you don't mind funny looks and the potential for a night or two under close psychiatric scrutiny). Perhaps, if you need to share your talents, you might have a party and invite a few of these famed birthday folks : Geoffrey of Anjou, King John I of Castile, William Wilberforce, King Ferdinand I of Romania, Albert Claude, Harry Markowitz, John Taylor, Robert Herrick, Earl Derr Biggers, Jean Rhys, Jorge Luis Borges, Gaylord DuBois, Alice Bradley Sheldon aka James Tiptree Jr., Antonia Susan Duffy aka A. S. Byatt, Paulo Coelho, Orson Scott Card, Oscar Hijuelos, Chris Offutt, Lavinia Fontana, Max Beerbohm, Alessandro Marcello, Mason Williams, Ken Hensley, John Bush, Preston Foster, Kerwood Derby er, um, Durward Kirby, Hal Smith, Kenny Baker, Joe Regalbuto, Charles Adams Claverie aka Charles Rocket, Stephen Fry, Steve Guttenberg, Chad Michael Murray, Kyle Schmid, Rupert Grint, Alice White, Anne Archer, Marlee Matlin, Deacon White, Duke Kahanamoku, Vince McMahon, Mike Shanahan, Cal Ripken, Jr., Reggie Miller, Tim Salmon, Jean-Luc Brassard, Letizia Ramolino, James C. Calhoun, Carlo Gambino, Karl Hanke, Yasser Arafat, Lofty England, Max Cleland, Mike Huckabee, Gregory Jarvis, Salizhan Sharipov, Kim Sung-Il, Craig Kilborn,
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup,

David Freiberg and John Cipollina.

Have another hit of that cake.
Happy birthday!

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