Friday, August 15, 2008

15 August Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
Although aggressive, versatile and sometimes arbitrary, you are determined and not easily discouraged in the face of failure ; you usually accomplish your purpose one way or another. You love children, your home and have many loyal friends.
Do you think, maybe, it's your aggression which leads us to this page being blank in the book, so you have no companions with whom to share the day? Well, don't let that discourage you – throw a big party and invite a few of these other birthday notables: Napoleon Bonaparte, Jules Grévy, Saint Anthony of Padua, Alexei Krylov, Pyotr Sergeyevich Novikov, Luigi Pulci, Bartol Kašić, Matthias Claudius, Sir Walter Scott, Thomas De Quincey, Edith Nesbit, Edna Ferber, Mary Jo Salter, Rob Thomas, Paul Outerbridge, Richard Deacon, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Jacques Ibert, Hugo Winterhalter, Bill Pinkney, Bobby Helms, Bobby Byrd, Sylvie Vartan, Tommy Aldridge, Tim Foreman, Joe Jonas, Nicolas Roeg, Henry "Huntz" Hall, Mike Connors, Jim Dale, Željko Ivanek, Rondell Sheridan, Peter Hermann, Ben Affleck, Ethel Barrymore, Dame Wendy Hiller, Rose Marie, Debi Mazar, Debra Messing, Maddie Corman, Natasha Henstridge, Nicole Paggi, Charles Comiskey, Bill Whitty, Kara Wolters, Brendan Morrison, Kerri Walsh, Carl Edwards, Brendan Hansen, John "Blind Jack" Metcalfe, Florence Kling Harding, Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel, Alfred Wagenknecht, Leon Theremin, Julia Child, Paul Rand, Vernon Jordan Jr., Maxine Waters, Tony Robinson, Beverly Lynn Burns, Ed Gillespie, Melinda French Gates, Anthony Anderson,
Jimmy Webb

and Oscar Peterson.

That cake looks almost as good as you, to me.
Happy birthday!

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