Sunday, August 10, 2008

10 August Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are generous and must take care that you do not over-look your own interests. You have great executive ability, good judgment and take a prominent part in everything. You are a good talker and convincing in an argument. Although you have many outside interests, you make home life happy and pleasant.
1924 Gerald R. Campbell can probably convince you that this is an accurate assessment of your character. If you can't find 1924 Gerald, perhaps you should take a prominent part in a big birthday bash, and invite a few of these other birthday notables, as well: James II of Aragon, Jacob Sturm von Sturmeck, Herbert C. Hoover [Harry Herbert Hoover Heever], Gilles de Roberval, Aleksandr Grigorievich Stoletov, William Willett, Charles Darrow, Wolfgang Paul, Laurence Binyon, Curt Siodmak, Hieronymus Praetorius, Alexander Glazunov, William "Bill" Johnson, Clarence Leo Fender, Veronica "Ronnie" Bennett Spector, Jimmy Griffin, Patti Austin, Charlie Peacock, Jon Farriss, Jack Haley, Noah Beery, Jr., Jeff Corey, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Antonio Banderas, Justin Theroux, Norma Shearer, Rhonda Fleming, Kate O'Mara, Rosanna Arquette, Claudia Christian, Angie Harmon, Kenny Perry, Mike E. Smith, Riddick Bowe, Bret Hedican, Sal Fasano, Alexandrine-Jeanne d'√Čtiolles, Henri Nestl√©, Harriet Miers, Andrew Sullivan,
Ian Anderson

and Bobby Hatfield.

Unchained melody, unsliced cake, un..., lit candles.
Happy birthday!

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