Friday, July 04, 2008

Obama: rapid learning curve?

Everybody, left and right, is talking about Barack Obama's speed and skill at abandoning his inconvenient associates and even less convenient political views. They call it flip-flopping.

How passé.

I like to think that, since the man claims his home in IL (not far from my own point of entry into this world), Obama has an impressive learning curve. He used to be a stupid, naive Democrat of the worst, most leftist sort. He swore he'd drag the country out of our success in Iraq, whether we wanted to leave or not. He wore he'd sit down to the negotiating table with tyrants. He swore he would protect us from ourselves by pressing for greater gun control, for mandatory socialized medicine, for greater energy independence, blah blah blah. He promised he would serve a full term as Senator, and not run for further office until he had gained some real experience.... He was against any restrictions on abortion, even against supporting the life of a newborn who survived being ripped untimely and unwanted from the womb. He supported any and all types of mawwidge.

But now, he knows better. He's learning rapidly.

Pretty soon, he'll realize he's become a conservative, and jump to the Republican party.

Either that, or he's a lying opportunist, like pretty much all other Chicago Democrats.

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EclectEcon said...

As if other politicians AREN'T???