Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day, America!

I'm a little short on sleep, this morning. It seems that, once the tents go up around the Midwest, hawking pyrotechnics, some of my neighbors can't keep their rockets in their pockets, so to speak. Last night, at 1:15 and again at 1:45, some clever soul set off those big cannon blasts. Well, it was, technically, the 4th of July. I guess they don't want to compete with the big show at Citizens Lake, tonight, so they suffered premature ignition.

But, during the course of the day, there will be real celebrations. Out at Monmouth Municipal Airport, planes come and go for the Fly-in Breakfast and concert. People will be having picnics all over the place. I may even go picking blueberries at a pick-'em-yourself farm near the River. And, of course, in the evening there are fireworks and bands playing at local watering holes. I will avoid those.

If, however, you are out and celebrating this day, I hope you enjoy every second of it. And, remember what it's really all about.

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EclectEcon said...

Same thing happened here in Houston. Loved your double-entendre descriptions!