Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beyond the Pale?

I just received this message in my e-mail, this morning (links disabled, text in red highlighted by me) :

Dear Rebekah

You know that national parks are a place for peace and reflection. You know that our national parks are homes to some of our most treasured wildlife. And you know that allowing guns in national parks is a BAD idea.

So why not share this knowledge with your friends? Click here to tell a friend about our campaign to keep guns out of our national parks.

It's not just logical, it's the right thing to do. National parks are no place for loaded guns. Statistics show that the probability of becoming a victim of a violent crime in a national park is 1 in 708,333, which is less likely than being struck by lightening during one's lifetime. So what's the rush in changing rules that keep both gun owners' and park visitors' rights in mind?

NPCA isn't opposed to individual gun ownership, and that's an important point to make. We are opposed, however, to regulations that could jeopardize visitor safety, increase poaching and put our already overworked Park Rangers on high alert.

We know you know that, and we'd love for you to tell your friends, too. The comment period ends soon, so don't wait. Share with them your love of national parks, your common sense approach to park protection and the opportunity to weigh in on an issue that could change parks forever.

Thanks for all you do.

DionnaDionna Humphrey
Associate Director of Advocacy
National Parks Conservation Association

So, it's considerably more likely to occur than is Michael Jackson?

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