Thursday, July 03, 2008

3 July Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are a convincing talker, studious, rather opinionated and independent, but on the other hand, you are self-contained, sympathetic and kindly. You are more popular with the opposite sex than with your own. You like travel and get a great deal of fun out of life. You are sincere in your affections.
There is no name written into the book for today, so your affections will have to be focused elsewhere. Perhaps you might consider showering it on one of these other birthday notables: Emperor Go-Tsuchimikado, Robert Adam, Edward Young, Franz Kafka, M. F. K. Fisher, Tom Stoppard, Dave Barry, John Singleton Copley, Leoš Janáček, George M. Cohan, Tommy Tedesco, Fontella Bass, Laura Branigan, Ken Russell, Kurtwood Smith, Michael Cole, Susan Peters, Betty Buckley, Jan Smithers, Paul O'Dea, Lamar Alexander, Jean-Claude Duvalier, Montel Williams,
Brigitte Fassbaender

and Pete Fountain

Nobody's sweetheart gets cake after you blow out the candles.
Happy birthday!

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