Sunday, July 27, 2008

27 July Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You concentrate your earnest efforts on all your undertakings and, with your ambitions and determination, you are capable of great success and happiness. You are vivacious and lovable and your friends are true and loyal to you. You love with your whole heart and need a sincere and constant love in return.
A fine example of your sort may likely be found in 1927 lloyd George (or is it Iloyd?). Perhaps you should invite lloyd/Iloyd to your party. Perhaps you should concentrate your earnest efforts on inviting a few of these other birthday notables, as well: Ludovico Sforza, Thomas Clingman, Johann Bernoulli, Jeremiah Dixon, Thomas George Bonney, Hans Fischer, Denis Davydov, Alexandre Dumas, fils, Hilaire Belloc, Elizabeth Hardwick, Jack Higgins, Michael Longley, Cat Bauer, Ernst May, Mauro Giuliani, Enrique Granados, Ernő Dohnányi, Mario Del Monaco, Roberta Streeter aka Bobbie Gentry, Maureen McGovern, Karl Mueller, Karrin Allyson, Rex Brown, Juliana Hatfield, Vera Karalli, Norman Lear, Keenan Wynn, Jerry Van Dyke, Don Galloway, John Pleshette, Sasha Mitchell, Julian McMahon, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Lou Taylor Pucci, Spencer Achtymichuk, Betty Thomas, Carol Leifer, Kellie Waymire, Maya Rudolph, Leo Durocher, Dennis Ralston, Peggy Fleming, Shea Hillenbrand, Alex Rodriguez, Susan King Borchardt, Charlotte Corday, Geoffrey de Havilland, George L. Street III, Gary Gygax, Yahoo Serious, Bill Engvall,
Leonard Rose

and Nick Reynolds.

This little light is a bunch of candles on a cake.
Happy birthday!

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