Saturday, July 26, 2008

26 July Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are capable and dependable, although rather domineering. You are fond of good literature, are a fluent and intelligent talker and an amusing entertainer. You prefer the company of the opposite sex. Marry young and your home life will be congenial and happy.
Perhaps your domineering behavior has chased away anybody else who might have had his or her name grace the page in the book, so if you want to have a party of others who share this date as a natal anniversary, you may have to resort to seeking them out among these other notables: Philipp Scheidemann, Estes Kefauver, Francesco Cossiga, John Howard, Carl Jung, George Bernard Shaw, Aldous Huxley, Jean Shepherd, Jan Berenstain, Ibn-e-Safi, John Field, Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart, Erskine Hawkins, Mick Jagger, Roger Taylor, Gary Cherone, Andy Connell, Keiko Matsui, Jim Lindberg, Joan Wasser, Blake Edwards, Stanley Kubrick, Jason Robards, James Best, Kiel Martin, Kevin Spacey, Danny Woodburn, Jeremy Piven, Gracie Allen, Vivian Vance, Marjorie Lord, Virginia Gilmore, Mary Millar, Helen Mirren, Susan George, Sandra Bullock, Olivia Williams, Kate Beckinsale, Miriam McDonald, Taylor Momsen, Sam Jones, Ellis Kinder, Hoyt Wilhelm, Bobby Rousseau, Rick Martin, Vitas Gerulaitis, Dorothy Hamill, Texas Jack Omohundro, Jane Bunford, Mary Jo Kopechne (with no comment), Tim Schafer,
Dobie Gray

and Darlene Wright aka Darlene Love.

That cake was saved for today.
Happy birthday!

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