Sunday, July 20, 2008

20 July Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are shrewd, honest, studious and conscientious in your work. You are rather outspoken, straightforward, but tactful. You like society and are very popular in your own circle. You will be happily married and will make a pleasant and attractive home.
You're on your own, however, where it comes to the book, since nobody's name has been written in for the day. If you want to go crazy and have a wild party, bringing in all of society, perhaps you might wish to start by inviting a few of these other birthday notables: Alexander the Great (that's not the same as Alexander the Pretty Darned Good), Imam Bukhari, George Otto Trevelyan, Francesco Petrarca, Gregor Mendel, Otto Blumenthal, Tadeus Reichstein, Gerd Binnig, Jacint Rigau i Ros, Max Liebermann, László Moholy-Nagy, Judy Gerowitz aka Judy Chicago, Thomas Berger, Cormac McCarthy, Cindy Walker, Buddy Knox, Kim Carnes, Paul Cook, Mick MacNeil, Lee Harris, Chris Cornell, Stone Gossard, Tobi Vail, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Mike Kennerty, Rajendra Kumar, Frank Whaley, Dean Winters, Reed Diamond, Josh Holloway, Simon Rex, Charlie Korsmo, Lola Albright, Patricia Cutts, Sally Ann Howes, Dame Diana Rigg, Natalie Wood, Wendy Richard, Tantoo Cardinal, Moira Harris, Donna Dixon, Sandra Oh, Judy Greer, Heinie Manush, Jimmy Carson, Ray Allen, Will Solomon, Troy Smith, George Llewelyn-Davies, Sir Edmund Hillary, Larry Craig, Gisele Bündchen,
Carlos Santana,

and John Lodge.

My question is, when are you going to share that cake?
Happy birthday!

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