Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not with my e-mail account, you don't

So, Obama's team has decided that (a) they need to fight the supposed lies ostensibly perpetrated by those eeeeevil conservatives, and (b) saying he might be a Muslim is as bad as calling him a dirty some other ethnic group centered in the Mideast, it seems, so that misconception is labeled a smear, too.

They've created a whole website for the task. Ooooh aaahhh.

More interesting, they've falsely accused Rush Limbaugh of creating or furthering the fiction regarding a (probably very very fictitious) video of Michelle's using the term "whitey" referring not to a specific New York Yankee or an ice cream manufacturer, or some such.

Still more interesting, the website offers visitors the opportunity to upload their address books, so that the crap they're selling on that site can be easily disseminated to any and all who ever communicated with Obamaniacs.

I wish to say, here and now, if my e-mail address gets added to that mailing list, I will track down whoever put me on it, follow him or her to the ends of the earth, and make that person read every dad-gummed piece of spam I've ever received. That includes every offer of male enhancement, every "credit counseling agency" deal, every promise of great riches if only you deposit this check and send me a portion, every "be a secret shopper", and every discount perfume/jewelry/drug offer, as well as the stuff I have paused over, considering opening simply because its spelling and/or grammar was so atrocious and I needed a good laugh.

Not only will I make you read them, I will make you read them aloud, with conviction.

Whose clever idea was that, to invite folks to download their address books, anyway? That person gets a hotter seat than the GOP.

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