Saturday, June 14, 2008

Independence Day debate?

Many of the blogging pundits have mentioned that, while McCain has suggested a series of ten town-hall style debates between him and Obama, the latter has countered with "only one – when no one's watching."

True, McCain delivers big speeches as though he's had lessons from Doctor Sominex, no matter that the content is substantive and, occasionally, correct on all fronts. He does much better at the up-close-and-personal, and brilliantly when he's asked tough questions and is given time for more than a sound bite

True, Obama performs best when he can wave his arms before a rock-concert crowd, playing their emotions like the Pied Piper, and he's not so hotsy-totsy when he's called upon to answer pointed questions.

As if that were the only issue, that Obama doesn't really want to be watched as he stammers and stutters in an unscripted setting.

To me, that's only half the issue of why not to have a debate on the 4th.

Call me a freak or whatever, but I have another problem with holding the one and only face-to-face partisan discussion on our Independence Day. This is historically the day when our leaders came together to stand as one, against tyranny. On the Fourth of July in 1776, representatives from each colony stood and signed a document swearing their solidarity. It's not a day for reinforcing our differences, no matter how well the information might serve the voter. It's a day for striving for unity, if only until the end of the fireworks.

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