Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Catblog: Maus prepares for Flag Day

Nice stars and stripes, Ma.
Shouldn't this be going outside, Ma?
Shouldn't this be going outside on the pole?

I'm not hanging this outside, Maus. Not even tomorrow, on Flag Day.

Waddya mean, "not-hangin'"?
Whaddya mean, "Not hangin'"?

It's just a blanket, to keep your claws from removing parts of my flesh when you get all contented and start making biscuits in my lap.

The real flag will be outside, as soon as it's not spitting rain any more. We don't let flash floods mess with our colors.

S'long as it's not desecration
S' long as it's not desc -- dese -- bad to sit on it. Starses and stripeses lap is good.

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