Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dogblog: Clyde's last known sighting

This is our last known sighting of Clyde eating one of these "treats."

Clyde is a puddin', and he's known for eating just about anything except celery.

Well, now we can add another thing to the list of refused treats: imitation smoke-flavored rawhide imitation pig ears. I guess he finally decided the stinky things made the real ears more closely resemble silk purses (or, at least, gyen-yoo-wine tasty treats for a good doggie).

Last known biting

As I said, this is the last record we have of Clyde consuming one of the fake ears. Shortly after the weather warmed up, and we could open the windows in the house, he decided he wasn't going to eat these things any more.

Why he couldn't have told Grammaw "no thanks" back before we suffered a stinky winter with them I don't know. Hmmmph.

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