Sunday, May 11, 2008

Things that made me pause

My weather channel connection in the browser bar says it's cloudy and right nippy -- 55º F. I looked out the window, and there is not a cloud in the sky. No, I take that back. I spotted a little puff on the distant southern horizon.

Still, it seems to me that the little picture of a gloomy sky is a lot more accurate, in the long run, than the Associated Press, ABC News, and other sources, on the topic of the "unrest" in Lebanon. Sure, they mention "possible civil war." Sure, they mention the numbers of dead, the "militants", the people of Beirut, Tripoli, etc., still living in fear... but they gloss right over its true root cause:
Heavy fighting broke out Sunday between supporters of Lebanon's Western-backed government and opposition followers in the central mountains overlooking the capital, security officials said.

Um. "Western-backed government". Would those "opposition" members be Hezbollah? Who's backing the "opposition followers"? No mention, although it has been very well-established that Iran and Syria have been pulling the strings for that "opposition" group for quite some time, now. Hezbollah, the invading force, gets labeled as "opposition"!

This sits right up there with blaming the Israelis for shooting back at the sphincters in Gaza who target Israeli civilians for death. Nice "journalism", guys!

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