Thursday, May 29, 2008

29 May Fortune Teller says

A thousand pardons for the late posting, but our server was down, yesterday. And, for anybody within earshot of our house, a thousand pardons for the graphic language.

Your birthday today:
You are domestic, fond of children, affable and considerate. You love your family and are very affectionate towards them. You have a sweet, even disposition, but are aroused to bitterness if your trust is violated.
Trust Lucille Smedlund -1927. She's a lot like you, it seems, having the same birthday and all. If you can't settle for only one person at your party, perhaps you will consider inviting a few of these other birthday notables: Charles II of England, Patrick Henry, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Charles W. Pickering, Oswald Spengler, Humphry Ditton, John Charles Harsanyi, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Max Brand, Josef von Sternberg, Terence Hanbury White, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Karl M√ľnchinger, Irmin Schmidt, Maureen Reillette "Rebbie" Jackson, Danny Elfman, LaToya Jackson, Melissa Etheridge, Blaze Bayley, Noel Gallagher, Chan Kinchla, Leslie Townes "Bob" Hope, Sebastian Shaw, Stacy Keach, Sr., Kevin Conway, Anthony Geary, Ted Levine, Rupert Everett, Adrian Paul, John D. LeMay, Annette Benning, Lisa Whelchel, Tony Zale, Fay Vincent, Al Unser, Sr., Eric Davis, Anthony Wall, Paul R. Ehrlich, John Hinckley, Jr., Casey Sheehan, Joanne Borgella, Danielle Riley Keough,

and Gary Brooker.

Whiter shade of frosting... slice that cake and have a happy birthday!

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