Wednesday, May 14, 2008

14 May Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You can attain any goal you really set your heart on. You are determined, independent, dominating and sometimes inclined to be headstrong. Your mind is clear and alert, and absorbs and retains what you see and hear. You are sincere and generous in your love. You are a loyal friend and a bitter enemy.
Please make friends with Connie Lee Haase 1927, as somebody took the time and energy to scribble her name into the book (so she must be worthy, though headstrong!). If you can't find her to invite her to your birthday party, perhaps you might invite a few of these other birthday notables: Ludovico Manin, William Emerson, Albrecht Thaer, Rudolf Lipschitz, Ed Ricketts, Pierre Victor Auger, Dante Alighieri, Hal Borland, Thomas Gainsborough, Otto Klemperer, Patrice Munsel, Will "Dub" Jones, Bobby Darin, Troy Shondell, Jack Bruce, David Byrne, Tom Cochrane, Ian Astbury, C. C. DeVille, Eric Peterson, Mike Inez, Danny Wood, Natalie Appleton, Henry Garza, Tom Welham, George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis, Sofia Coppola, Richard Deacon, Tim Roth, Siân Phillips, Francesca Annis, Tamara Dobson, Cate Blanchett, Amber Tamblyn, Earle Combs, Gump Worsley, Pat Borders, Eddie House, James L. Wilkinson, Charles Beyer, Del Moore, Eric Morecambe, Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Donald McMonagle, James M. Kelly, Suzy Kolber, Mark Zuckerberg,
Sidney Bechet

and Charlie Gracie.

Cool, baby... dig those candles!
Have a craaaayzeeee birthday.

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