Monday, April 07, 2008

7 April Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
Don't let your pride overshadow your happiness. You are an enthusiastic planner, and carry your plans out in the easiest way rather than to a glorious finish. Your love is ardent and enduring.
Your page in the book is empty of names. Therefore, while you plan enthusiastically for your birthday party, perhaps you might wish to include a few of these birthday notables: Saint Francis Xavier, John Sheffield, William Wordsworth, Henry Kuttner, James White, Tobias Stimmer, Gino Severini, Percy Faith, Bobby Bare, Freddie Hubbard, Patricia Bennett, Florian Schneider, John Oates, Janis Ian, Alan J. Pakula, Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Adams, R. G. Armstrong, James Garner, Andrew Sachs, Wayne Rogers, Ian Richardson, Jackie Chan, Hugh O'Connor, Russell Crowe, Walter Camp, John McGraw, Bobby Doerr, Tony Dorsett, Alain Robert, Ronde Barber, Tiki Barber, Will Keith Kellogg, Ole Kirk Christiansen, Gustav Landauer, Allen Dulles, Walter Winchell, Hodding Carter III, Sir David Frost,
Ravi Shankar

and Billie Holiday.
Is that smoke from birthday candles, or from the sssssmokin' jazz?

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