Tuesday, April 29, 2008

29 April Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
you are cautious, yet shrewd ; positive and intuitive. You always want to act on your intuition, but your cautious nature holds back, making a constant dispute within you. Yet people sometimes take advantage of you in spite of your intuition. You are sensitive and easily offended.
Perhaps being easily offended is why there is nobody here in the book, for this date. You may choose to follow your intuition and invite a handful of these notables to help you celebrate your collective birthday, today: Hirohito, Oliver Ellsworth, Henri Poincaré, Taliesin, John Arbuthnot, William Randolph Hearst, Rafael Sabatini, Jack Williamson, Walter Kempowski, Iwao Takamoto, Karl Millöcker, Thomas Beecham, Sir Malcolm Sargent, Duke Ellington, Harold Shapero, Toots Thielemans, Carl Gardner, Ray Baretto, Lonnie Donegan, Rod McKuen, Zubin Mehta, April Stevens, Klaus Voorman, Gino Quilico, Mark Kendall, Carnie Wilson, China Forbes, Jasper Wood, Tino Rossi, Tom Ewell, Richard Carlson, Lane Smith, Richard Kline, Jerry Seinfeld, Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Adesltein, Sam Jones III, Celeste Holm, Nora Dunn, Kate Mulgrew, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eve Plumb, Uma Thurman, Taylor Cole, George Allen, Al Balding, Mickey McDermott, Jim Ryun, Dale Earnhardt, Curtis Joseph, Andre Agassi, Bob Bryan, Mike Bryan, Harry Payne Whitney, Timothy Treadwell,
Tommy James

and Donald Mills.

Till then, have some more cake.
Happy birthday!

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