Saturday, April 26, 2008

26 April Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are shrewd, far-sighted and ambitious. Your friends and associates have confidence in you and respect you. Your most valuable possessions are your friends, who are staunch and loyal and will help you when in need. You love your home and are kind and considerate of your family.
You have nobody written into the book to share today with, so perhaps you will prove your far-sightedness, build a few new friendships, and include a few of these notables in your birthday celebrations: Marcus Aurelius, Muhammad (or so the Shi'a believe), Esek Hopkins, George Hull Ward, Ambrose R. Wright, Thomas Reid, David Hume, Charles Richter, Michael Smith, Arno Allan Penzias, Gian Paolo Lomazzo, John James Audubon, Eugene Delacroix, Yoshihiro Togashi, Anita Loos, A.E. van Vogt, Bernard Malamud, Morris West, Ma Rainey, , Maurice Williams, Giorgio Moroder, Claudine Clark, John Mitchell, Bobby Rydell, Gary Wright, Roger Taylor, Chris Mars, Jay DeMarcus, John Grierson, Tomoyuki Tanaka, Stafford Repp, Warren Clarke, Tom Welling, Channing Tatum, Jason Earles, Carol Burnett, Koo Stark, Joan Chen, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Jordana Brewster, Jessica Rose, Eddie Eagan, Hack Wilson, Sal Maglie, Mike Scott, Alfred Krupp, Frederick Law Olmstead, I. M. Pei, Rudolf Hess, Woo Bum-kon, Anthony Cumia, Kevin James, Jet Li, Steve Lombardozzi, Colin Scotts, Jessica Lynch,
and Duane Eddy

Because you're young... happy birthday!

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