Tuesday, April 22, 2008

22 April Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You have musical talent which should be developed. You are positive in your opinions, but when thoroughly convinced, yield with good grace. You have a clear and alert mind and keen foresight. You are capable of a deep and sacrificing love.
There is no other name written into the book, so, yield with good grace to the possibility that you might celebrate this day with these other birthday notables: Queen Isabella of Castile, James Sullivan, Vladimir Lenin, Immanuel Kant (but I can!), Julius Sterling Morton, James Stirling (the 18th century mathematician!), James Stirling (the architect!), Harold Jeffreys, Vittorio Jano, Robert Oppenheimer, Ivan Efremov, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Norman Steenrod, Donald Cram, Henry Fielding, Jan de Hartog, Louise Glück, Odilon Redon, Giuseppe Torelli, Paul Chambers, Glen Campbell, Jack Nitzsche, Mel Carter, Peter Frampton, Paul Carrack, Aaron Spelling, John Waters, Eddie Albert, George Cole, Jack Nicholson, Ken Olandt, Ryan Stiles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Ada Rehan, Charlotte Rae, Catherine Mary Stewart, Laurie Hendler, Michelle Ryan, Mickey Vernon, Zygi Wilf, Jeff Minter, Harvey Williams, Ken Dorsey, Nicola Sacco, Bettie Page, Steve Fossett,
and Charles Mingus.

Birthday. stop candle.
Best wishes!

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