Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Love the sinner, hate the sin

I get the sense that most of the moderates and conservatives online and around media sources were hoping Obama would make a statement comparable to the one above. But from what I've seen of the members of the far left community (of which the Senator from IL clearly is), that's not a sentiment they comprehend, let alone support.

From all I've seen of Barack Obama, he was never going to come out and distance himself from either sin or sinner to the satisfaction of those who abhor racism of all brands. I don't know if he believes the hate-filled claptrap his minister has been selling. I don't care if he believes it or not. He stood there at the dais and excused it. The Rev is a man of a certain generation. It's embarrassing, but justifiable, because my grandma was afraid of black men, and that was hurtful to us black men, so it's okay to be angry at the scared old white lady and her absurd phobia, and at all the others who look pale, like her. They shouldn't act afraid of an angry black man, or a group of them, either. Let's all think happy thoughts and ignore the racist monster inciting hatred in the church.

And he's supposed to be running on a platform where that is magically going to end, once he sits in the Oval Office.

Yah. Sure. Ya betcha.

On a somewhat related topic, Karl at Protein Wisdom has a really solid essay on the sinner's religion in question. It's long, but stay with it. It's worth the time.

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