Saturday, March 29, 2008

29 March Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are affectionate and love with whole-heartedness and sincerity, but should not let your heart rule your head. Cultivate a better sense of sportsmanship and justice and you will be easier to get along with.
Since there isn't anybody written into the book for today, perhaps you can practice getting along with these notable birthday celebrants: My Pop, John Tyler, Lou Hoover, Eugene McCarthy, Tullio Levi-Civita, John Robert Vane, Joseph Hooton Taylor, Jr., Ernst J√ľnger, Judith Guest, William Walton, E. Power Biggs, Eden Kane, Pearl Bailey, Ray Davis, Terry Jacks, Bobby Kimball, Michael Brecker, Patty Donahue, John Popper, Victor Salva, Warner Baxter, Philip Ahn, Arthur O'Connell, Dennis O'Keefe, Phil Foster, Terence Hill, Bud Cort, Brendan Gleeson, Christopher Lambert (there can be only one!), Eileen Heckart, Dianne Kay, Marina Sirtis, Lucy Lawless, Cy Young, Bill Aston, Walt Frazier, Earl Campbell, Kurt Thomas, Jennifer Capriati, Man o' War, Hanna Reitsch, Aleksei Gubarev, Sam Walton, John McLaughlin, John Arthur Spenkelink, Karen Ann Quinlan, Billy Carter, Amy Sedaris, Elle MacPherson,
Eric Idle

and Vangelis.

Run that blade through the cake, please. I'd like a slice of it.

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