Friday, February 29, 2008

29 February Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are gentle and sympathetic and considerate of others ; easily influenced, and like a change of environment. Yourlove of literature colors your conversation so that you are in great social demand. You can readily adapt yourself to circumstances. You like attention, and your love is true.
There is no name written into the book, so you are alone in celebrating your birthday -- unless you count these notables: Ann Lee, John Philip Holland, Herman Hollerith, Gene Golub, Jack Lousma, Balthasar Kłossowski de Rola a. k. a. Balthus, Dorris A. "Dee" Brown, Howard Nemerov, Tim Powers, Eva Marie Veigel, Gioacchino Rossini, Jimmy Dorsey, Dinah Shore, Dave Williams, Jeffrey "Ja Rule" Atkins, William A. Wellman, Arthur Franz, James Mitchell, Joss Ackland, Alex Rocco, Dennis Farina, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Phyllis Frelich, Johnny "Pepper" Martin, Al Rosen, Henri Richard, Pete Fenson, Simon Gagné, Tempest Storm, Aileen Wuornos, Richard Ramirez, Tony Robbins,
and Frederick, a Pirate Apprentice.
Get a couple of cake slices for that pair o' docs.

By the way, what will you be doing on this date next year?

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