Monday, November 26, 2007

26 November Fortune Teller says

Your birthday today:
You are kind, generous, upright and capable of great self-sacrifice. You are a favorite among friends and dearly loved by your family. You have a strong, magnetic personality and many warm friends.
Even so, there is nobody written into the book to share this birthdate with you, so you will have to make the sacrifice, and celebrate the day with these notables: Sarah Grimke, John Harvard, Henry Dunster, Edward Higgins, Bill Wilson, Porter Goss, Bruno Hauptmann, Norbert Weiner, Rudolf K├Ânig, Rodney Jory, Karl Ziegler, Willis Carrier William Cowper, Eugene Ionesco, Frederik Pohl, Charles M. Schultz, Roz Chast, Eric Sevareid, Rich Little, Ernie Coombs, Daniel Davis, Jean Terrell, John McVie, Lefty Gomez, Edna Campbell

and Tina Turner.

Way cool.

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