Saturday, September 08, 2007

Meet me at the fair

So, Thursday evening, after I attended to all the beasties in our many houses (and got soaked to the skin in the process of returning Rizzo from his playground/yard to his home), I made my way to the fairgrounds, to meet up with my friend and classmate, Janet.
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For the record, the rains stopped just as I got Rizzo indoors.

For the further record, I'm not a big fan of the midway activities. When I go to the fair, I like to stop at the tents and booths, and to see whatever shows they have scheduled.

I don't generally ride the rides or play the games.

I leave that stuff for those who will genuinely enjoy them.

Instead, Janet and I managed to arrive only a few minutes after the start of the performance by Mad Chad Taylor, the chain saw juggler.

Taylor managed to entertain a modest audience, including the WCPBF Princess and her court -- he worked 2007 Princess Jane Lovdahl into his act...
and a couple of strapping young men

before he cleared the stage and brought out the chain saws.

The show was a success (for all that it had so small a crowd). Afterward, I was out of energy and inclination to stay around the fairgrounds, so I made my way back to the car (parked at the back of the midway), and gave one last glance back before coming home to the beasties.

See also: DRA coverage of "Mad Chad" Taylor's performance. The last four grafs give an idea of what we, by arriving just a tad late, stumbled into the middle of... juggling ex-jugs!?!

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