Monday, September 03, 2007

Edwards nuttier than bridge mix

What scares me is that so many people still take this man seriously as a political contender. John Edwards came out today and spoke in favor of mandatory health care.

That's not to say he thinks simply that it should be required that it be available to everybody, but that shirking your national duty to have an annual pelvic exam, mammogram, and whatever other poking and prodding and do-good treatment your barely-passed-his-med-school "expert" says you need to do, could get you "corrective actions" of an institutional sort.

So, suppose I were to continue to follow the advice of the first doctor to treat me for my "mood disorder." I'd have taken happy pills until I hanged myself. "Just give it a little more time," got me a blackout and an apparent attempt to drown myself in the icy waters of a tributary to the Chicago River in January (it was a long time ago, granted, but cutting out the antidepressants and working with non-chemical, alternative options has probably saved my life all these years). Needless to say, I now avoid certain types of doctors until I've done a lot of homework. Guess Edwards will have me locked up, huh?

My mother was given birth control pills in her younger years. She now has to take mega-doses of thyroid meds and blood pressure meds and anti-nausea pills (because the thyroid and bp meds "may cause dizziness," which nobody figured out before Mom got desperately sick with dizziness at the beginning of this past summer).

My sister-in-law used government doctors to deal with her upper chest pains. "GERD," they said. You should take those little purple antacids, and try to find a career less stressful than ambulance driving. Otherwise, you'll just have to live with acid reflux.

Until she passed the mother of all gallstones. Ooops!

Just what is it about these leftwits that makes them think the big, bureaucratic government half a continent away knows more about what I need for my personal, small-scale well-being than I do? What makes them so smug they think they can tell the educated, free population -- some of whom were, granted, only educated to the standards set by the leftwits themselves --
how to run their private lives?

Whatever happened to "right to privacy" and "keep your hands off my [body parts]"? Do these only come into play when we're talking about their moralities, and not for anybody else? Only gays and abortion proponents will now have any right to privacy, in Edwards' New World Order. The rest of us, if we object, will be "treated" for our mental problems before they deal with our physical weaknesses.

This kind of attitude, I think, is giving me coprolalia. I have to go before it becomes coprographia.

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