Friday, August 24, 2007

Pigging it lovingly, 21st century style

In my training for work at Colonial Williamsburg, lo, these many years gone by, I was given a journal in which the author had spent a night at a one-bedroom farmhouse/inn, sharing his bed with the owner, his wife, and multiple children, "pigging it lovingly," as would a sow and her litter.

I think this carries the concept a little too far:

RCMP have arrested a pair suspected of stealing 22 pigs from a barn near Sussex, N.B., in a getaway that police say was likely a very tight squeeze.


The two from Petitcodiac, aged 19 and 20, are suspected to have used one small car to haul the 22 pigs, weighing 23-27 kilograms each [approx. 51-56 lbs.], from the farm to the house in Havelock where police tracked them.

For those of you who are farm illiterate, we're talking about wedging into a compact car 22 animals whose dimensions approximately match those of a mid-sized dog. Plus the two thieves. Plus any ... uh ... pork by-product which may work its way to the floor.

Const. Jim Gass said the stench from the pigs was immediately apparent to investigators, who found a small car, filled with pig droppings, as well as sacks used to transport the pigs.

"This little car they transported them in once had like 22 pigs," Gass said. "Man, it wasn't a lot of room in the car. She would have been a noisy affair, I would imagine, and quite a wild ride. Something you see in the movies, I would guess."

I wonder who squealed on them?

(HT: Jungletrader, working backup at Jules Crittenden's blog)


EclectEcon said...

You worked in Williamsburg? That's one of my many dreams for post-retirement (after I'm 90, unless the university buys me out before then). I was really fascinated by the place back in 1957 (ohgeeze, 50 years ago) when I was there.

leucanthemum b said...

It's funny how many people I know say that same thing (different dates, maybe). My mom and I started working there on the same day -- it was her dream job, but I have always had stage fright... everything was great for me except the public contact. :-p

O! the irony! :-)

Classroom (lecturing) experience can sometimes be a boon, sometimes a complete block, as applied to the style of info delivery for the museum. If you're relaxed in your lecture technique -- as I suspect you are -- you'd be quite good at my old job, and very much enjoy working there... in costume... heh.