Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Friday's Klips: Gimme That Old Dem Religion

My column is up, at its customary location. Not only that, but I'm informed it will also be in the local paper* again, this Friday, after some small strife. I'm operating under the faint hope that there will be peace in the valley (okay, in the shallow ravine off Broadway) for us.

If you know of any other newspaper editors who are looking for a little sumpin' new, though, I'm still available for syndication, too. You can point them in the direction of the Friday's Klips archives, and see if what they see suits their needs... hint hint hint. (Do I sound desperate, here? I hope not. It's more like a toe in the water. If nothing else, I might could use a little free advice on the subject... whatever that's worth.)

*whose editors have very kindly printed my columns almost every week for the past six years, at no cost to me

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