Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Catblog: Foreign relations

This is YOUR fault

Maus has been blaming me for her discomfort after the surgery, and now, for bringing two big scary kittehs into the space she thought she only had to share with a big dog and the grandpeople.

It's taken her some time, and an amazing amount of tact for somebody of her age and upbringing, but Maus has finally managed to arrange a detente (that's foreign for "puffy blanket and pillow") between herself and TiGrr.


Now, if we could only persuade Peanut to come out of hiding and stop hissing and growling...

You can find other beasties not hiding, at Modulator's Friday Ark #154, and, on Sunday evening or shortly thereafter, please stop by the CotC, to be hosted by TBIFOC (its original host and manager).

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