Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Beezzy beezzy day

Maus trap
This morning, I captured Maus. Not that it was all that difficult, or anything. She's becoming quite tame, as feral kitties go. I stuffed her into a pet carrier and toted her off to Mom's, where we hopped into Mom's car and toted Maus off to the Monmouth Small Animal Hospital.*

We didn't have an appointment, since we couldn't really guarantee there would be a set time I could catch Maus. But they took her right in, and said they'd get to her when they could. Five hours later, she's hiding under one of the beds in my folks' guest room.

In the intervening hours, Mom and I attended the meeting of OFTA (Old Friends Talk Arts), downtown at the Buchanan Center for the Arts . This month, the guest speaker was Wendy Allaman,
who owns a glass bead- and ornament-making shop just down the highway from here. She gave a 40-minute presentation on her craft and the inspiration she draws from it and puts into it. She brought the most portable of her equipment, and, once she began to demonstrate her work, the audience was riveted.

Mom and I stayed around for a few minutes after the meeting was ended, to catch up on what was new with a few of the other members (sometimes, it seems a little strange that I am one of only three members that I know are under 65 years of age, but then, who else has time to play in the middle of a weekday morning, but retirees and the ungainfully unemployable?).

At any rate, the morning vanished into only two events.

Now, I'm playing ketchup. ;-)

*we needed to get her fixed ASAP. The tomcats are flocking to my house again.

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