Saturday, July 14, 2007

37 dogs siezed in raid on dogfighting operation

The Sun-Times reports that a home in South Holland, IL, was raided, and at least 37 pitted dogs have been retrieved from the site. Quite a few were badly injured, and virtually all will have to be destroyed, since they have been trained to attack other dogs, and will not make safe pets.

What the hell kind of sick, lowlife scum needs to watch animals tear each other apart? I'm not just talking about the anal orifice who ran the "business" -- I want to know what's the damage that prompts people to want to watch it?

It's bad enough watching professional prizefighting, knowing that the athletes are willing participants who, by and large, know what they're getting into, and, indeed, have some choice in the matter. It's quite another thing to take an animal -- any animal -- and force it into a battle, or to support such a sick behavior.

Life is nasty enough on its own. Nobody needs to make it worse for anybody else, especially those who can't speak for themselves.

I hope they throw the book at the scumbag who ran this operation, and I hope the book is heavy and has teeth.

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