Monday, June 04, 2007

Let's not mince words: political correctness is cultural suicide

Purdue is having to double- and triple-check with everybody to be sure that an historic quotation made by one of their alumni will not offend anybody.

The alumnus? Neil Armstrong.

The quotation? If you haven't followed the link, yet, I'll give you three guesses. Unless you're under 30 and educated in America's public school system, in which case you'll probably have to go here to catch a clue.

If a good and decent man makes a thoughtful, positive, inclusive statement such as that of Armstrong's, and any other person feels "excluded" by the language, it is not the fault of the speaker or the words he used. It is a clear demonstration of the weakness laziness of the other person, the person who is unwilling to make himself (or herself) strong enough to bear perceived slights, and thus aims to bring every other person down to that same base (and I do mean base) level.

The day we have to worry about "offending" somebody for using plain, clean words to express pride in humanity's accomplishment is the day the language -- for that matter, any language, any mark at all of civilization -- is made irrelevant.

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