Thursday, June 07, 2007

Is Paris Hilton an Illegal Immigrant?

By the amount of sympathy both are getting in the press, this year, for having broken the law, I'm beginning to think either Paris Hilton is an illegal or the illegals are all, somehow, blood relatives to her and the rest of America's so-called elite.

How is it that this country has gone so far away from its original principles of Thomas Paine, when he stated, "The true and only true basis of representative government is equality of rights"? In that same article, the Dissertation on the First Principles of Government, Paine continues:

When we speak of right we ought always to unite with it the idea of duties; rights become duties by reciprocity.

So far, it looks as though the only people who understand duty to law and reciprocity are the greater public (aka "middle America"), who are becoming increasingly angered over the Shamnesty bill and over the way Hollywood's elite cast aside public safety laws (such as those against drunk driving) as trivial things to be ignored.

This country was built upon laws. For the media to celebrate and members of Congress to encourage scofflaws indicates their serious disconnect from the true fundamentals of our society.

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