Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Instapundit calls for a ban on cats!

Hoky smoke, Bullwinkle! First it's the puppies in the blender, and now Glenn Reynolds cries out "Ban cats!"

Will the man stop at nothing?!

Just for that, I'm posting an extra catblog, this week, since Peanut has her own response:

I am shocked! How could any man be so eeeevil as to want to ban us seriously cute li'l thangs?
Peanut Is Shocked!

I've been thinking as hard as I can, and now I have a plan.
Peanut Has An Idea

Mom's gonna FedEx me to his place, and I'm gonna chew him up and spit him outPeanut: Boxed & Ready To Ship like that big, nasty hairball I left for Mom... uh... she doesn't know about that, yet, though, so don't tell her until after I'm on the road.

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Aloysius said...

My thoughts exactly; if there were no cats hunting birds, we'd be knee-deep in birds.

P.S. I also have found poetry in spam!

jcfloresinc said...

Ban cats, what a nerd. Think about the rats, mice, moles. Look what happened in the middle ages when they tried to get rid of cats, The Plague.
Go get him, Peanut. Cats Rule!!!
Samantha, Tigger and Mom