Sunday, June 17, 2007

California & Bolivia: Separated at Birth?

Or on the same downward spiral?

As I wandered through the closely-groomed pathways that are Instapundit posts, I tripped over this piece by Christian Probasco, at New West, on the disturbing trend California has, of exporting their nanny-state assaults on liberty:

Hollywood has molded the image and the myths of the Rocky Mountain West for the entire world. Much of the technology that went into the computer on which you’re reading this article was developed in Silicon Valley. Much of the food in your refrigerator probably comes from the Central Valley. Much of the new population of the interior West’s cities emigrated from California.

California is a trendsetter state. Much like the weather, every Californian fad eventually makes its way over the Sierras and diffuses into the intermountain West. That’s wonderful, and it’s frightening, because there are some pretty disturbing things going on in the Golden State right now.

And, via Gateway Pundit, José Brechner has this to say about Bolivia:
For unknown reasons, this Andean country has a disproportionate influence on its neighbors' political conduct. Indeed even though it behaves in a totally unhinged manner, its geographical location in the center of the continent irradiates its energy to its surrounding nations. When it comes to liberty – or libertinism, which is more common in South America – Bolivia is number one. Everyone does what they want, when and where they want. But liberty is like water. If you do not put it into a vessel, it slips through your fingers until it is gone.

Either way, the tendency of each -- away from freedom and individual responsibility -- is troublesome, especially for the influence they seem to have on their neighbors and friends.

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