Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anybody looking for stuff?

I've been thinking about cleaning my house, this week. This looks like a darned good excuse:
More on 34 starts Saturday
Second annual event offers 175 miles of yard sales

From Sandwich, in DeKalb County, to Biggsville, traffic may be a bit heavier this Saturday and Sunday as the second annual More on 34 yard sale event offers 175 miles of bargains galore.
I have a few tables, a couple of sawhorses and door -- plus some rope, a couple of not-too-difficult-to-move book shelves, a bunch of old blankets, boxes, crates, trunks, a sheltered porch, a location not too far off the main drag (or, if I feel truly ambitious, I have friends right on Highway 34, who would let me set up in their yard. But that would require that I pack stuff up & carry it to their place. I'd rather just drag stuff out the front door and holler "come an' git it!").

But then, if I set up to sell, I'll never have the opportunity to go out & see what everybody else is trying to get rid of from their houses.

Either way, the weather for the weekend promises to be dry (cloudy, but no measurable rain) and warm. Well, technically, "warm" would qualify as a bit of an understatement, by mid-June averages... They're forecasting temps in the lower 90s, & we usually stay about ten degrees (F) cooler for the last full calendar week of spring. Nevertheless, at least they're not saying we should be worried about storms.

But still... this is late spring, and it is the Midwest.

Hmmm. Where did I leave my bumbershoot? Probably in one of those many, many, many boxes of stuff. If you find it on Saturday, I'll make you a really good deal.

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