Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Y'all come to the next OFTA meeting

This month's is now past.

It started out as pretty much all our meetings start, with Jim DeYoung Jim Starts Meeting
making the morning's announcements -- such as the upcoming art show at the Buchanan Center for the Arts (where we meet each 2nd Wednesday). This Saturday afternoon at 2, the Buchanan Center opens its Annual Town & Country Amateur Arts Show, featuring works from students attending all area schools. It is a judged show, with ribbons and goodwill -- and quite a few artistic surprises, for those who aren't familiar with our little backwater area. We meeting attendees got a sneak peek at some of the work before it was all in place, but the judges won't even see the works until (most likely) Friday.

Also mentioned was that there are still applications available at the desk for the 4th Annual Adult Amateur Artist Competition, which goes up at the end of the kids' show. He forgot to mention that the rules and apps may also be downloaded here.

Jim mentioned that there were refreshments available during the meeting -- coffee, and some Danish Puff Pastry and coffee cake, prepared and by Judy Roessler. Bad for me. I gained five pounds looking at it all.

Eventually, Jim got around to introducing Donna Hauge, Donna Hauge, visionary director and visionary leader of the Monmouth Civic Orchestra (MCO)

Still, the majority of the meeting was consumed by the lovely performance by Lionel Marcoux, Lionel sings of songs by Rogers and Hammerstein -- some of what will be featured at the MCO's concert on 22 April.

Lionel was accompanied by Julia Andrews, from the Monmouth College music department, on the piano. Lionel and Julia

Lionel's baritone voice rang sweetly in the accoustically-challenged BCA main gallery, as he made his way from The Sound of Music through Carousel. He finished his "regular program" Big Finish with "You'll Never Walk Alone", which he admitted held a special place in his heart, as he had been asked to sing it at his high school graduation a few years ago.... Quite a few members of the audience appeared to be struggling to hold back tears during this number -- Lionel really seemed to hold nothing back, during this song.

Curtain call, Curtain Call and then a none-too-frivolous performance of a piece from "Faust"Encore!, and the performance was ended.

Julia needed to leave immediately, but Lionel stayed around afterward to answer questions, and then members were invited to lunch with him and Donna Hauge, et al, at the Soda Works, a couple of blocks away. I'd have liked to attend that, but deadlines brought me back home. sigh.

If you missed the meeting, there's still a chance for you to hear Lionel sing -- and Monmouth's Janet Gaskil, as well -- to the sound of our Civic Orchestra, a week from this coming Sunday, at the First Lutheran Church (where the accoustics are much better than at the BCA). Please say you'll come, if you're within a reasonable driving distance.

Community arts need all the support they can get. And this will be worth your while -- unless you're a complete snob. In which case, just send them your money, to show you believe in the cause, even though you wouldn't be caught dead joining a club which would have me as a member.

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