Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vot's fer deener, snoookums?

Auction stuff, again. Last local auction, I came home with a copy of The Monmouth Baptist Ladies Cook Book,
third edition, printed December 1907.

It automatically opens to page 174-175 (obviously a favorite page for a prior owner) whereupon sits the recipe for
One cup of (Judges 5 : 25) butter, three and one-half cups (Kings 4 : 22) flour, two cups of (Jer. 6 : 20) sugar, two cups (I Sam. 30 : 12) raisins, two cups (I Sam. 30 : 12) figs, one cup (Gen. 24 : 17) water, one cup (Gen. 43 : 11) almonds, six of (Isa. 10 : 14) eggs, One tablespoon (Ex. 16 : 31) honey, pinch of (Lev. 2 : 13) salt, to taste (I Kings 10: 10) spices, two teaspoons (I Cor. 5 : 6) ) leaven, or baking powder. Fol-low Solomon's advice for making good boys, (Prov. 23 : 14).

The links are, of course, not in the original book, but the extra close parenthesis after (I Cor. 5 : 6) was.

But I'm not a big fan of cake, these days (I usually ask for and receive pie for my birthday). Plus, the book doesn't say how hot an oven, or how long to bake. So, instead of fussing over that, I'm preparing, from this book, this recipe:


Slice raw sweet potatoes very thin. Butter a pud-ding dish, arrange a layer of sliced potato in the bot-tom ; sprinkle over a teaspoon of flour, bits of butter and a little salt and pepper, continue in this way until the whole dish is filled. Pour in enough milk to moisten the whole and bake forty minutes.
At least I know from experience how long to cook sweet taters.

If them yams fails, I may have to eat some of this:

Although I'm not sure I can find any "shreded" wheat around here, any more.

All to get me ready for tomorrow's auction.

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