Saturday, April 28, 2007

US foreign aid buys silence of honest bloggers

In the column on the right side of my blog's main page is a series of recommended blogs for you to check out. Under "other worthy sites" I now have two blogsites listed which are no longer in action. It seems that, while Big Pharaoh has taken a job which keeps him too busy to blog, and has taken a temporary blogleave, Sandmonkey has, over the past few months, found his situation as an independent thinker more dangerous, so he has opted to save his life and freedom by completely ceasing to blog.

If you have prayers, send some his way.

Meanwhile, we might consider applying a little pressure on our own government to stop subsidizing Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and other such islamofascist thugs in that country, so that Sandmonkey may someday soon be comfortable and safe, ranting again.

(HT: Gateway Pundit and lgf)

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