Thursday, April 19, 2007

The other hate crime

Scary. Somebody left a ham sandwich at a lunch table.

I think I may have just committed the same crime, myself. Sat there, downing a ham, Swiss cheese, Boetje's mustard & sweet onion on sourdough, right out on my folks' front porch. Take that, you sissies!

Everybody should be afear'd. I didn't have my lactase tablets to counter the effects of the cheese. Does that count as simple hate crime, as terrorism, or as a war crime for gassing the enemy?

Update: Charles Johnson has added a second post on the subject, with further details of the incident and the Orwellian quote du jour:
If people think insulting Muslims with ham is OK, “More degrading acts will follow, until at some point we’ll end up having violence,” [executive director of the Center for Prevention of Hate Violence, Stephen] Wessler said.
Oh, no, ham cruelly offered to schoolboys last week is the cause of the bombing of the Beirut barracks, the Khobar Towers, the USS Cole, the WTC in 1993. Yesterday's bacon caused 9/11/01!

But for me, the kicker isn't that we have 1984 all over again (that's been a given for years), but that people are acting as though this incident were somehow atypical of junior high school. Well, technically, it is atypical, because it's not nearly as cruel as the normal stunts kids that age pull. Every kid in the modern world is traumatized by experiences in middle school/junior high school. Body hair starts to grow, and all of a sudden you're a pack of wolves. It's the rare ones who keep some semblance of civility amid the raging hormones.

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