Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gratuitous postcard from home

Postcard: I can see your house from here
(click on image for larger view)

Still elbows deep in projects, so I'll be doing slightly lighter blogging again, this week. Just had to post this pic. This postcard isn't technically a postcard. It's the first two pages of a hardcover souvenir book of my hometown, published in 1890. The top left is described as a "PANORAMIC VIEW OF EASTERN PORTION FROM COLLEGE CUPOLA". None of the houses in which I have lived, in this little burg, existed back then. One of them doesn't exist again, today. The college cupola from which this view was drawn no longer stands -- it has been replaced by another, after "Old Main" burned down and they built Wallace Hall on the site. The Armory and Masonic Hall building has been replaced, and our armory's function has been moved to Galesburg.

Looking East down Broadway, you can still see some of those depicted structures -- the Presbyterian Church steeple still stands where it was, and looking north from "Central Park" (now a.k.a. "The Square"), the buildings on the right of that view are virtually unchanged. But the town has grown, then shrunk, then grown, then shrunk again. There's no stasis, here.

Things change. Sometimes, that's a good thing. I'd hate to think how things would be if some of us hadn't changed since we were young.

It's useful to keep records of change, too. They're handy when you need a little extra income... so, pay up or I'll publish those pics of you nekkid on a bearskin rug, babycakes.

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