Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Catblog: Shy Sister, plus one

Nothing to do with Friday the 13th. With as many black cats as I've known and loved, I can't even pretend to be superstitious. Therefore, I'm letting people get to know one of the lesser-exposed kitties in my life: Shy Sister.

Shy Sister is one of the kids from Frontporchistan. She's feral, but she's getting closer to tolerating me in her territory -- as long as I don't try to touch her.
Shy, Sun & Shadow .004
She takes her kibble and usually runs, but we had a spot of sunshine this past week, & she stayed to enjoy both at her own pace. Shy, Sun & Shadow .005

I discovered she hates wind chimes as much as I do...Killing Chime
Killing More Chime

Eventually, killing chime exhausted her, so she lay down to kill time Shy, Sun & Shadow .001 and vogued for me Shy Sun & Shadow .002 a couple of times.
Shy, Sun & Shadow .003

While Shy Sister was out basking in the sunlight, trying to call up more heat from the reluctant spring skies, TiGrr found his spot of warmth back at his grandma's computer room, by the little portable radiator. He seems to like visiting grandma's house.
Mr. Grr warms his paws

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