Monday, March 26, 2007

There's a reason for wearing gloves in warm weather

I keep forgetting that weeding and pruning in the garden are tasks not so much like moving boxes of books. I kept myself fit all winter by lifting and rearranging my many boxes of auction successes, expecting that my muscles would be ready for springtime.

My skin isn't. After only about 45 minutes of lopping away bits of brush I should have cleared last fall, I discovered I was developing tender spots on my fingers. I quit, came indoors, washed up, and discovered I have three blisters -- one in particular, a little more than a centimeter in diameter, is on my automobile-traffic-communication finger.

I didn't have this problem last spring. Last spring, I was ready for work. Last spring, I wore gloves all season. This spring, I will find my gardening gloves or buy new ones. Meanwhile, I'll be using the emergency version.

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