Thursday, March 15, 2007

New heights of Chutzpah

Or, as Mom puts it, "Chhhhutzpah with a little extra phlegm": The flying imams are naming a number of "John Doe" passengers in their lawsuit against US Airways.

They're suing a handful of people for having the temerity to be openly unnerved by the deliberately provocative behavior of the imams. I believe if this suit is allowed to go forward, it will fall into the category of "twice raping the victims".

One of lgf's commenters had the right idea:
All Minesotans (of which I am one) should stand up and pronounce, "I am Sparticus"

And don't just stop with Minnesotans. Let every Midwesterner rise and say it. I was on that flight. I called in the cops. So. There.

And then we can tell them what they can do about Sharia cashiers at Target, too.

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