Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Catblog: Rashomeow

The crime: upsetting the trash basket.

You were found at the scene of the crime, Peanut. Who toppled the trash, Peanut? How did it happen, little Legume?

I was just sitting there, kickin it with my bud, Mister Grr, and all sudden-like he got this funny look in his eyes. DemonKitty and the Legume So, like, I tried to duck out, but he said something about the size of my butt, He said WHAT about my butt? and the next thing I know, there was the basket lying like that, and here I was. I didn't do nuffin'. It isn't my fault. Some other dude done it.

Is that right, TiGrr? Is that how it happened?

Not hardly.

I was resting quietly next to the heater, when I heard something. I opened my eyes What's that over there?

only to be set upon by that hellcat. Attacked by a Legume But then the Law came up, What a pair of beasties so I decided I didn't want to stick around for trouble. I ran.

It's getting so a feller can't take a catnap without somebody wants to start sump'n'. It's not my fault. Musta been the Nut.

Without sufficient evidence to convict either one, nobody was punished, except that they still have to share the house with each other and a dog. And a woman with a flashing camera.

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srp said...

What!? No one tried to blame the dog? Our cats always try to blame the dog... even though he stays outside in his own heated and cooled luxury doghouse.

leucanthemum b said...

Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?), the cats have only been in the company of the dog for a few days, so far, after having been on their own for years. They haven't quite figured out how to point the finger of blame Clyde's way, yet.

They did try the Hänsel and Gretel trick of blaming the wind, though.