Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dogblog: Three faces of Clyde

Well, three views, anyway.

What does V-E-T spell again?
What does V-E-T spell, again?
Clyde overheard Mom and Pop discussing the news that Mom had made the appointment for his shots. He goes in on Friday morning.

Clyde's Toys
comfort all in a line
For a little while, he worried. We gave him some soft cuddly toys to play with, to comfort him -- he kept trying to steal my fuzzy duckling slippers, even though they weren't his size, so I gave him the bunny in exchange. I don't know if it will work, or if he's been around cats long enough to believe as they do, that all things belong to him. I may need to take stronger measures to protect my schleppers.

Like, maybe giving him Pop's shoes. With Pop's feet inside them.

Bliss  1
What appointment? Life is great!
It didn't take very long for Clyde to forget his worries.

I wish I were able to do that as swiftly and effectively.

But if I forgot my worries, I'd probably also forget to blog, and to remind you to visit Modulator for more animal pics, every Friday, for Friday Ark.

I forgot to submit my posts, last week, so everybody else is there, but we're only here. Hmmmph.

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