Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sun-Times Suing Tribune for Cubs' failure

If this ain't the best way to gin up sales for yer paper... Sue the competition for something other than its news works.

The Sun-Times is filing a class-action suit against the bean counters at Tribune Co. for mismanaging America's sweethearts, the Chicago Cubs. A century of disappointment, and the past 26 are to be lain at the foot of Tribune Tower, it seems. I can't really argue with that. I don't believe in curses. And, having been a fan of the Cubbies since I was but a tad, that's saying something.

How many times since the 1970s have we heard Maxwell Smart in our heads, saying, "Missed it by that much"? How many seasons have we walked away, saying, "Next year, for sure!" and not truly believing, but clinging to that forlorn hope.... But when you dream, dream of large women -- no, that's advice for Fezzik -- dream big, anyway.

The Cubs ought to have a chance, and somebody needs to take responsibility for a century of disappointment.

There must be a reason other than that they're a Chicago team. After all, the Bulls won the championship at least a few times in the past 26 years. The Bears have seen the Super Bowl... let's not go into this year's final result, though. I seem to recall that even the Hawks once brought home the Stanley Cup... oh, wait. That wasn't in my lifetime, either. They blew it in 1971, and haven't really seen a glimmer since then, either. Like the Cubs. Are they owned by the Trib, too?

I'll have to see more of the case as presented by the S-T.

It could be fun to watch, though. If you're a masochist. And, as a Cubs' fan, I think I qualify, there.


EclectEcon said...

It's all those die-hard fans who make the team so bad. Management has no incentive to make it better if the fools keep going to the games and buying the merchandise. The ST should sue all the die-hard fans!

And if you wanted to see bad, you shoulda seen the Cubs in 1966.

leucanthemum b said...

"Management has no incentive to make it better if the fools keep going to the games and buying the merchandise."

Hey! I resemble that remark!

(Not really. My Cubs' hat is the only merchandise I have, and it's more than 30 years old, now -- from the only time I saw a live game.) If it meant saving the team, though, I'd be working to get my friends to stop buying Cubs' stuff.

Even if the S-T is only doing this as a gimmick, I'd like to see somebody really figure out what the aytch is wrong in Wrigleyville, and then fix it.