Sunday, February 25, 2007

Loss in the family

I just received news that, Thursday, an old and dear friend from my formative days passed away suddenly. He had been one of my father's advisees -- one of the earliest ones, and, since Dad used to teach a fairly challenging batch of courses (math & physics, with a smattering of other related sciences), the students who ended up on Dad's list usually were the nerdiest and geekiest goofballs one could imagine.

I can't say that Lou didn't fall into that category.

He was bright and creative and funny and spent quite a few suppers in our house, impressing the hell out of this high school girl.

He ended up, along with his siblings and the rest of their family, becoming a part of our family.

I'd go on all night, but I can't seem to concentrate. It's weird thinking of him as gone so soon and so quickly.

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